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The Fightclub is a digital marketing agency. We develop innovative marketing strategies by combining data with creativity and intelligence to exceed expectations and help our clients grow their business.


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Fightclub is the place where innovation and digital media result in winning numbers in terms of business. Whether you are a start-up or established company, our digital ecosystems are purpose-built to reach the right people in the most effective way possible. Using knockout digital products, strong performance marketing strategies and some more serious shit to beat the competition. 


From performance driven strategies to creative social content, we take brands to the next level with real business results.

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Our approach is 'simple': We create an eco-system around each of your target audiences. This allows us to measure and optimize each component of your digital media strategy, ensuring your brand will reach, engage, and convert the right people in the most effective way possible. We talk the talk AND back it up with results.


DPD Netherlands

With a daily volume of 3 million parcels, DPD is the second-largest international parcel delivery network in Europe. After an extense pitch to become preffered digital agency, DPD challenged us to build on awareness for the brand and double their turn-over through the online parcel shops.


Petrol company Tango has chosen The Fightclub after an extensive pitch as an online agency for the coming years. The Fightclub enters the digital transformation in the field of lead generation and rollout of new initiatives. Data is an important fundament in the future strategy of Tango and that is where our data analysis team goes along with online and social marketers to get started.


Verfwinkel.nl is the biggest paint supplier in the Netherlands, this is proven by an annual revenue increase of more than 180%. Verfwinkel is dominating in paid and unpaid search results, Verfwinkel continues to grow in overall ROI and revenue. For example the increasing by 211% in the number of orders, 135% in the number of visitors and 25% in the conversion ratio.


This brand-new caramel flavored spirit has set foot in Europe and the United States to become one of the leading vodka spirits. Every full bottle is filled with liquid gold, every empty bottle is filled with stories. The Fightclub will be responsible for all online activities, from strategy, implementation and lead generation.



Winning is in our blood and together with our sister companies The Communication Company and The Red Corner, we are ready to take on the competition. With the three companies fully aligned we make sure our clients will get the best results both online and offline as the advantage of having all aspects of branding, strategy and marketing in-house results in an integrated strategy, easy communication, highly creative and performance driven campaigns and thus, winning numbers!

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Fightclub is part of the ME Worldwide Group that holds over 55 talented marketeers. Interested? Get into the ring, become one of our sparring partners and take your career to new heights. Remember: "To become the best, you need to train with the best".

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In this ring you are not on your own. Team up with us like many others before you. They use our years of training and expertise in digital marketing to their advantage and book serious results. Want to know what we can do for your business?

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